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Review: Sticky Buddy

I’ve had my Sticky Buddy for a few months now and gave it plenty of good use. If you keep up with my blog than you will know in my Five Below haul I bought a lint roller. The Sticky Buddy worked really well the first few uses, but after you rinse it off a few times, maybe 4-6 times, the rubber looses some of its stickiness. As you can see in the photos below it really only picks up light fuzz and loose hair now. It no longer picks up heavier fuzzies or hairs that are stuck on the fabric. I think that a lint roller has much more strength than the Sticky Buddy has now. 

There are a few other cons to the Sticky Buddy as well. The edged of the rubber began to peel off a bit, which you can definitely see below. Also the yellow rubber started looking really dingy and gross. After just a couple uses the bright yellow has a permanent gray cast over it. It really just looks dirty. I don’t think that rinsing the rubber part off in warm water gets all of the debris off of it. It’s much less sanitary than just peeling of a lint roller sheet to reveal a clean one. 
I cannot recommend purchasing the Sticky Buddy. For the $10 that this costs you can get 10 lint rollers at the dollar store that will give you tons more uses than you will get out of the Sticky Buddy. Don’t waste your money on this product.