Review: Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Color in Antique Bronze

First and foremost I just want to apologize for how pruney and gross my hand is in this picture. It was taken after I got out the shower. With that said, on to the nail polish…

Antique Bronze is a gorgeous color. It is absolutely perfect for fall, although honestly I could see it’s appeal in every season. Antique bronze is a perfect name. The color looks exactly like a copper pipe only with microshimmers. There is definitely a very faint hint of rose in there, but not enough to warrant calling it a rose-bronze. From a far the polish is quite metallic. It’s only when you look very color to the polish that you notice it has tons of microshimmers mixed in.
As far as the formula goes the performance was impressive. The polish was opaque in one coat, fully opaque. I did add a second layer just because I always do and I honestly didn’t need to. The color was perfect to begin with. The first and second layers both dried quickly. I just recently used a Sally Hansen polish in the Insta-Dry formula and I think this Diamond Strength polish actually dried faster (definitely not a complaint).
The diamond strength polishes have really cute packaging. The rhinestone and diamond cut shape of the bottle is a fun detail. Focusing on a more important packaging feature, the brush was a good medium size. The body of the brush was flat just like the Insta-Dry brush, but it was not as wide and did not have the same dramatic contouring shape as the brush head. That’s not a bad thing though. The brush was a good size for having control over where the polish was distributed.
One important thing to note about this polish is that you need to avoid shaking it or the polish will have air bubbles after application. I tipped mine over (and caught it thank goodness) and a few air bubbles appeared on the last few nails I painted. This isn’t anything to blame on the polish, but it is helpful to know that this consistency does not like being shook.
I’m interested in checking out more colors in this line to see if they all have the same high quality. I would certainly recommend this Antique Bronze. It’s a perfect fall metallic.