Review: Lush’s Curly Wurly Coconut Shampoo

Curly Wurly has a super cute name and is made especially for curly hair so I thought it would be fun to try this product out. WRONG! This shampoo is terrible, probably the worst thing I have ever put in my hair. The bottle claims the product is supposed to be moisturizing and leave curls shiny. I have to say none of that is true. The shampoo is full of huge chunks of actual coconut that get stuck in your hair, making it look like you have giant dandruff. I found that the coconut chunks only made my hair tangle up around them, which is actually something you want to avoid with curly hair. I was thoroughly annoyed and disgusted with the coconuts chunks. Having to get all of them out of my hair was just gross. Additionally this product is not moisturizing at all. Once I had rinsed all of the product out my hair felt stripped and dry. I am not sure how hair can feel dry in the shower but this shampoo managed to make it happen.

I really, really hate this product and actually I have already been back to Lush to exchange it for another shampoo. I feel like I was duped by the company into buying this and it actually upset me. Anyone who has curly hair knows that you can’t put erroneous chunks of crap in your hair because it will tangle it. And the fact that it wasn’t moisturizing at all clearly tells me that the company did not do enough testing of this product and they are falsely marketing it to be something it isn’t. I do enjoy many Lush products, but for me this one was a total fail and an example of poor product testing. I would not recommend this shampoo to anyone at all. I exchanged it today for a different shampoo so hopefully I will have a big more success with that product.