Review: Pixy Dust Funky Fingers Nail Polish

Pixy Dust quite possibly might be my new favorite nail polish. Catching the sparkle of this color out of the corner of my eye is actually what made me buy nail polishes recently at five below. My favorite color is usually any bright green that looks like it would be a delicious sour apple candy. Pixy Dust without a doubt falls into that category. A more practical description of the color would be a neon-lime green glitter with gold iridescence packed extremely densely into a translucent light green polish.

The color goes on quite impressively in just one coat over a solid base (I used O.P.I. Sweetheart since it just happened to already be on my nails and be neutral). I have not used it without a base color underneath but just based on the results I have seen so far I believe it would still perform magnificently. The picture about is just one coat. I put on a second coat just to really enhance the glittery appearance. I honestly have never been more impressed with any single glitter polish ever. The formula is not quick dry, nor is it a slow drying formal- I would say the dry time was average. I had no issues with chipping, only minimal wearing along the tips of my nails, and I didn’t even have on a top coat.
I really liked the brush, which was on the thinner side. The bristles were longer than an Essie brush, but thinner than an O.P.I. brush. I found not issues using the brush on my shorter nails. I also didn’t ever feel like there was a never ending faucet of polish running onto my fingers, which is an issue I encounter with some larger brushes.
The value of this polish is the most impressive aspect. The Funky Fingers polish line is sold at Five Below and they retail at $2 a pop or 3 for $5, which is the option I opted for. I cannot speak to the quality of the other colors just yet, but I would certainly recommend Pixy Dust. In fact I am thinking of picking up 3 more with the 3 for $5 deal to stock up and make sure I have this polish for life. I love it that much. If you love green, glitter, magic, kitten, your mother, or simply a fabulous nail polish then you need to go pick up Funky Fingers’ Pixy Dust right now. Like, right now.