Review: Like Clockwork Funky Fingers Nail Polish

This nail polish was an unfortunate and personally heart breaking flop. I had high hopes that this would be vibrant and gorgeous, but my one worry was that it wouldn’t be opaque and my fears were sadly well warranted. This picture above, which I made extra large for the details, shows my nails with three coats (YES, THREE COATS) of the polish. I even went to a forth coat of polish for experimentation’s sake and it was still not entirely opaque. The finish of the polish was a bit strange because it wasn’t shiny by any means, but it wasn’t matte either. It was just sort of dull so a top coat would definitely be needed.You can quite obviously still see through the nail, but what is harder to see is just how streaky the application is. I had an issue with the polish coming out a bit goopy after I had the bottle open to do a few nails. I am not sure if this is just because the weather is gross or if its a polish defect, but it was quite gross.Another issue I faced with this polish was peeling. I cannot 100% for sure say that the issue was with Like Clockwork since I topped the polish with a new Sally Hansen top coat I am using for the first time. I had three nails peel, not chip, peel while I was in and after I got out of the shower. I don’t know what the heck happened with that. Peeling is a very strange occurrence that I don’t face very often at all with polishes.

I have posted before about the Funky Finger’s brush, but just to recap. I like the brush. It holds just the right amount of polish and covers the nail well.

I do not recommend that anyone buy this nail polish. It was a complete flop. I’m not going to throw mine away just because it is a fabulous color to wear to a rave, but I will be using a white base coat next time. As for Like Clockwork on its own, I am taking this crap off as soon as I get home from work tomorrow (I don’t have the time to repaint them tonight and feel naked without polished nails).