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Apology, Graduation, and My Latest Obsession

Hey guy! Sorry I have been so out of the loop the past few months. I was finishing up my senior year of college, which was crazy busy. With 6 classes, an internship, a job, my social life, and a million senior activities my life was a bit chaotic for a while, but now that school is officially completely over forever (dun dun dun!!!) I will finally have more time to focus on my blog! <3
As I just mentioned I graduated. Below is a picture of me and my friend Katie in our hideous caps and gowns. I really will never understand why no one has ever changed these ugly things.

This is the dress I wore at graduation, not that you could see it under the gown. If you like my dress it’s from Express this season so they should still have plenty in stock. I’m kinda obsessed with this super cute dusty pink color. It plays off of my extreme paleness and blonde hair quite well.
New Posts!
For the past two summers I have done Project Summer Pan using up lots of my products and not buying anything new. Not sure I can hold myself to sticking to the project this summer so instead I have decided to try out a new column instead: My Latest Obsession.
Once or twice a week I’ll post about just about anything that I happen to be loving at the moment.

Today my latest obsession would without a doubt be peach green tea with honey. I have been sick for just about a week now. My throat has been killing me. One minute it just feels sore and the next it feels like its on fire. I’ve had my butt glued to the couch, resting, watching the Food Network, and drinking my body weight in water. To spice things up a bit and to sooth my throat I’ve been making myself tea and sweetening it with some honey, which is actually great for sore throats. In conjunction with my tea obsession I am also obsessed with my super cute Cat In The Hat mug that I got at Universal Studios – Islands of Adventure.

So remember yall there are plenty of new posts coming soon!