Review: Urban Decay Lush Lash Mascara

Normally I wouldn’t review a product until I was completely finished using it up but I lost my tube of this mascara and I already have a fully formed opinion on it so I am making an exception.

The packaging of this product is gorgeous, but that is to be expected from Urban Decay. The tube is light purple metallic and the text and design is printed in a darker purple. It’s really pretty packaging, especially for a tube of mascara.
The brush is not so great in my opinion. I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of it but you can check it out on the Ulta website. The shape left my lashes unevenly coated. I was actually recommended this mascara because of the brush. The Ulta sales woman said it was like the Cargo LashActivator (which I love) only better. That woman was wrong. They are similar in that they are both the made of the little silicon spikes, but that’s the only similarity. The hourglass-ish shape is all wrong for my eye shape. The larger width of the end of the brush made it nearly impossible to reach my inner lashes without making a mess. Also the greater width on the inner end of the brush clumped my outer eyelashes together.
The formula was also a fail in my opinion. According to the Ulta website this product is supposed to lengthen, build, and beautify. I did not notice a difference at all in the length or strength of my lashes. Onto of that I really didn’t like the way it looked on my lashes either. They did look separated nicely, but they were not lengthened or thickened at all.
Overall, I found this product to be terrible and I am glad I lost it because I really hated using it. I am not a fan at all and I would not recommend anyone to purchase this product. $20 wasted on a pretty container.