Review: Cargo LashActivator Mascara

I love love love this mascara. I am so glad it came in a mascara sampler set because Cargo is a brand a don’t typically gravitate towards and I would have never know about this product.

There is nothing special about the packaging. It is a typical shiny black tube. In my opinion this doesn’t need to be dolled up since it works so well.
The formula seems, to me at least, to have a tackiness to it which really helped the product adhere to the lashes and stay put after the dry down. I love the color also; it is really a true dark black which I love against my blue eyes. I found that my lashes looked very thick without looking clumpy. Even the tiny lashes looked thicker. Thick lashes always looks stronger and healthier and make you look more awake. If you are going to wear only one product (as I often do) it should be mascara.
What really sets this mascara apart from the rest is the applicator. The wand has a great shape with the tapered end. It is perfect for reaching the baby lashes on the inside of the eye which I have a great deal of difficulty reaching. I also liked this end for reaching some of the lashes on the outer corner as well because for some reason I just have the hardest time coating those lashes without getting product on my skin. My lashes always looked longer too. I think this is because the of the make of the rubber bristles. The bristles on the main part of the brush are about a millimeter long and unlike other similar brushes they have a decent amount of spacing between them. The spacing in perfect for coating the lashes and gripping them to extend their length upward.
The mascara was very versatile as well. One coat made a great day time look. Adding a second or third coat really bumped up the look for night time without creating spider lashes.
In conclusion, I would definitely repurchase this mascara (and I was actually going to until the nice Ulta girl recommended a different one and I just can’t help but love trying new things). I highly recommend this. I think everyone should try it.