The Infamous Gosh Darling

This is the infamous Gosh Darling Lipstick, widely recognized as the best drugstore nude in the whole of Europe. While roaming the streets of Leuven 2 days ago my friends and I stumbled upon a CVS type store. Obviously I darted straight towards the makeup where I found what I’ve been looking for nearly my entire European adventure thus far: Gosh Darling. As far as lip color goes I am a fan of the bright pinks all the way to the nudes with select coral shades making my list as well. I have one red lipstick which is only whipped out for costume parties and dance recitals. Gosh Darling falls into the category of colors I would like and since I’m not a fan of paying crazy amounts of money for lipstick the drugstore aspect had me drawn in.

Now lets review the product. The packaging is a sleek satin black finish in a typical rectangular prism with rounded edges shape. Nothing spectacular about the packaging but it doesn’t look cheap so it gets the job done. The container is a typical twist up. The lipstick in appearance is exactly what you think when you hear the word “nude.” When you apply the lipstick it is almost opaque in one swipe and the second swipe assures complete color. The wonderful thing about this lipstick is that it does not go on dry or matte. It has a glossy finish so you don’t actually need to apply gloss after for shine. I also like this aspect because, at least with my experience with e.l.f. Mineral lipsticks, the finish of the nudes were always dry and dead looking which left me feeling like a zombie. It is hard for me to give an exact time for how long the wear of this product is mostly because I was out and about doing things while I was wearing it, thus causing wear off to happen much quicker. Overall I am a huge fan of this lipstick and I give it an A++. I am positive that I will through the whole tube before the year is out and will be buying like 10 more to take home with me in June.
Of course I could not leave the store with just a lipstick. I purchased 3 of the Brilliant A Levres Lip Glosses. The products do not have cute names which is a bummer. The colors I got are 004, 0059, and 0068. 004 is a very light, diluted creamy pink. On its own it is appears colorless, but when with a lipstick it add a pink tint. 0059 looks like a brownish nude in the tube but comes out as more of a beige nude on the lip. This color actually does look good on its own but I think this is the best color to pair with Darling lipstick (even though it doesn’t need a gloss.) 0068 is a very typical plain pink gloss but I just had to have it because I am that girl that needs anything and everything pink. It has nearly impossible to notice small gold shimmers but they would not be noticeable on the lip. The packaging is clear on bottom to let the consumer see the gloss color. The lid is the same sleek black satin finish as the lipstick container. The lip gloss are very moisturizing. I went out to dinner wearing 0059, my favorite of the 3, and I still had some on after the meal so I suppose the wear is long enough. There is notice super unique about the formula but I do think the colors are fun and interesting. They are colors you may not find in every drugstore makeup line.
From playing at the Gosh counter for at least a half hour, I can conclude that if you are in Europe this would be the brand to buy from. Stock up and have fun! My next purchases will probably be a few glitter and metallic liquid eyeliners. Makeup will be taking me broke.
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