Skin Care Products I Dislike

I don’t really like to be a negative Nancy, but sometimes I come across products that I just don’t like at all.  I understand not everyone will have the same experience with every product but I just thought I would share my experience with these products with you so that you can be forewarned about the products and not waste your money on them.

The first product I don’t like is the DKNY Be Delicious Lotion. I love the smell of this lotion and I would completely recommend the perfume. The problem with this lotion is that the consistency is far to watery. The lotion is in a squeeze tube but you don’t even have to squeeze it. If you are holding the bottle upside down the lotion just runs right out. It is way too messy and not moisturizing.

The next product I dislike is the Clean & Clear Day Soft Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 15.
This is a good moisturizer for the summer especially since it has SPF 15. I took the whole bottle with me like to theme parks over the summer to just re-apply every two hours and it worked great for that purpose. This moisturizer is not good for the winter. For some strange reason the skin on my nose likes to peal during the winter and this moisturizer does nothing to counter that. Moisturizers tend to last a decently long amount of time so I want one that is going to transition from season to season well for me. This one does not do that so I don’t care for it.

I HATE the Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Treatment Cream. This product does not “visibly reduce spot size and redness in as little as 4 hours” as the package reads. This product actually does quite the opposite. If you have a small blemish on your face and you put this cream on it hoping it will help to get rid of that spot faster you will be in for a terrible eyesore. This product literally takes a little red spot and turns it into a huge white-head, ready for popping. I thought maybe it just wasn’t working on me, so I gave it to my friend to use. The two of us have drastically different skin types. The same exact thing happened to him. So this product really pissed me off, it costs way to much to deliver the opposite results of what it promises. It’s crap, don’t buy it!

I dislike the Clean and Clear Makeup Dissolving Foaming Cleanser because it really burns my eyes. It does effectively remove makeup. My big problem with this product is the fact that if you buy a makeup remover you expect it to remove all of your makeup effectively and painlessly. Most people who wear makeup, wear something on their eyes, so the fact that this burns is really stupid. I don’t see why the company would put out this product. The bottle even says it easily takes waterproof mascara but this is just not gentle on the eyes at all.