Happy Mother’s Day

Good evening lovely internet. It’s been so long since I actually wrote a blog post I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore!

I just wanted to stop in to say Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, guardians, mother-like-figures, pet moms, and plant moms out there. Hopefully that covers everyone. I hope everyone had a pleasant day.

Here in Baltimore it was a tad windy but the weather was lovely aside from that. We had a cook out at my brother’s house with several people from our family and Austin’s as well. I love that we can use these “Hallmark holidays” to bring the family together. I especially love when I get to see my baby cousins. Those girls are hilarious and I can’t wait until they are angsty teens. Oh what fun!

The picture above is me and my mom, taken last fall in an apple orchard. My mom is so spunky and wonderful. She’ll drop everything to help you but beat your ass if you start acting a fool. She’s the mom that became the “adoptive” mom of nearly all of mine and my brother’s friends at some point. Alway there to listen and give honest advise. She never judged the gritty details or sugar-coated her thoughts. She’s what I like to call a “truther.” She’s probably the coolest mom out there and I just wanted to tell you all a little about her. Maybe she will be in a video one day!

I hope you all ease comfortably into your week and are enjoying Spring. Talk to you all again soon!

♥ Amanda

Checking In With My 2015 Goals

Checking In With My 2015 Goals

I set several goals for myself in the year of 2015. Some have been going great and others haven’t been going at all.

I had two goals in the beauty department: embrace lip liner and continue chipping away at my stash. I was doing great with lip liner at the beginning og the year and then I reorganized my desk and as the saying goes “out of sight, out of mind.” I need to pull them back out and keep them in view so that I remember to use them. My decluttering has been going great. I’ve managed to full cut off my makeup shopping. I’ve only been making repurchases when an item fully runs out so I’ve pretty much only been buying skin care, which honestly is wear the bulk of my money should have went in the past. The better your skin care, the less makeup you need. That’s just a fact.

I had one very simple hair goal – take better care of it. And to my own personal astonishment I went and chopped it all off to start anew with fresh healthy strands. All of the died and damaged hair is now officially goal and I’ve been doing my best to treat my curls with love and respect. I’m kicking ass with this goal!

My one fashion goal was to revamp my shoe collection. I haven’t really bought any shoes recently, but I’m quite happy with my sandals and wedges. I like to keep footwear simple in the summer. I have tan and black sandals and wedges and that’s good enough for me. I like to play with shoe style more in fall and winter so I’ll be keeping an eye out for fun new styles and classic staples.

Financially, I’m still struggling a bit with my goal to build my savings. I’ve been investing in building my blog and YouTube channel so not much to put aside at the moment.

My final goal was to get in shape. While I don’t feel I’ve dedicated myself to get the aesthetic results I was looking for I do feel a lot stronger. I can even run a mile, which is astonishing to me because I flat-out hate running. I still have a lot of soul-searching to do to find the strength to really commit. I just haven’t and I need to.

With just over half the year behind us I think I’m doing better than I though I would with working on my goals. My savings and fitness need more dedication but I’m not discouraged. I know I can do anything I put my mind and energy in to so it’s just a matter of actually doing that.

Proactiv Solution Review

Proactiv Solutions Review

Proactiv Solution may be the biggest name in skin care in the USA. You see their commercials on every channel,  ads in every magazine and yet somehow I’ve never tried it. I’m not sure why I had never looked in to it before but I was given a chance recently to try out the system so I agreed immediately. After extensive googling I’m really still not sure if Proactiv is cruelty free or not. If someone has a definitive answer to that please let me know becuase there is so much conflicting information on the internet. My next thought was to check out the ingredients lists which didn’t have seem to have anything terrible in them so I was excited to get started with the system. Also, I wanted to include that my skin in its current state is combination/normal.

The skin care system at its core consists of three products: the Renewing Cleanser, the Revitalizing Tone, and the Renewing lotions. The names are bit gimmicky with the alliteration but you get the point. The set also comes with an application guide that provides a brief snippet of information about each of the products.

Before getting started I had a few initial thoughts. I was nervous about using a physical exfoliant everyday, twice a day. I was unsure that the repairing lotion would be moturizing to use every night. Typically I would use something very moisturizing at night, usually a combination of oils, so the thin treatment lotion had me a bit hesitant. Other than that I was a little confuses as to why there were no suggestions in the application guide for what should be used as moisturizer in the day. You would think there would have been some sort of Proactiv brand day moisturizer suggested but there wasn’t. I took that to mean that I could use whatever I wanted so I did.

I’ve used these products for just over a month now. The first couple of weeks I used the Michael Todd Moisture Lite lotion for day time use and the Lancome Renergie Lift Multi-Action Sunscreen for sun protection. Once I finished those products up I moved to using the Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum and the Origins VitaZing for sun protection. I think the latter combination worked better in combination with the Proactiv products.

The Renewing Cleanser is a white cream cleanser with small exfoliating pieces contained within the cream formula. The small exfoliants feel slightly scratchy but I haven’t noticed any irritation to my skin since I’ve been using it so I guess the exfoliants must be smooth in texture. As I mentioned above I was nervous about using a physical exfoliater twice a day, but my skin now has a very smooth texture and is quite soft to touch. I would definitely consider repurchasing this product. I felt it did keep my skin clean and smooth, but not stripped. The only thing about the cleanser that confuses me a bit is that it contains benzoyl peroxide, which is an ingredient for treating acne. It just seems pointless to include this treatment ingredient in the cleanser since the cleanser is only in contact with the skin for minutes before it’s washed away.

The Revatalizing Toner, well, is just a toner. I find that most toners do the same thing as long as they don’t contain harmful ingrediants. I would definitely use this toner again if I some how ended up with another bottle, but don’t expect miracles from it.

The last part of the kit to discuss is the Repairing Lotion, which in my opinion is the most important  element of this trio. The lotion contains benzoyl peroxide for the treatment of acne. According to the application guide the benzoyl peroxide “penetrates the pore” to combat the acne. While I didn’t have a ton of acne to begin with this lotion has certainly clearly up an issue area between my eyebrows. That area of my face is prone to small black heads which have pretty much cleared up entirely. I’m incredibly pleased with the results I’ve achieved from this product and would certainly purchase it again.

As I mentioned above my skin type in combination/normal so I can’t say for sure how these products would work on other skin types. The people over at FacingAcne.com have made today’s post possible. They actually have a whole page dedicated to helping you figure out why Proactiv may not produce stellar results every time! Check them out. They are a treasure trove of skin care information.

Proactiv Solutions Review

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Soufeel Charm Bracelets

Soufeel Charm Bracelets

Hey yall hey! Happy Saturday!

Today I have a jewelry post for yall. The company Soufeel reached out to me and offered to give me $100 worth of charm bracelet products from their website for review. I’m generally not a bracelet kind of person, especially not charm bracelets but I wanted to give this company a try. My brother recently gave my mom a Pandora charm bracelet and I was really curious how this company would compare to Pandora. Even if I ended up not loving the bracelet I figured at the very least I could possibly find a great place to purchase new charms for my mom.

Soufeel Charm Bracelets

I opted for the Sterling Silver Basic Charms Bangle. I don’t personally like the way typical flexible charm bracelet designs look so I chose the bangle design. The bangle feels really sturdy and the charms glide along it easily. The ball clasp is easy to open and close on your own with one hand but I find that the ball does seem to scuff a bit easily. To get a goodidea of how the bracelet would hold up   I wore it everyday since I received it. Since I work at an office sitting at a desk in front of a computer all day I think the ball scuffed up a bit against my desk. The wear and tear doesn’t make the clasp pop open though so that’s the most important thing to keep in mind. The scuffs don’t bother me personally but if that’s something that would bother you I would look for a different design.

Soufeel Charm Bracelets

Now let’s talk about the charms because that’s the fun part and honestly I think the charms are miles beyond better quality than the bracelet itself. If you are a Pandora bracelet lover highly recommend checking Soufeel out if you don’t want to break the bank filling your bracelet with charms. All of their charms are 925 sterling silver and made with incredible details.

The first charm I picked out was the Eiffel Tower charm since I’ve been to and enjoyed Paris. It’s seriously so cute. I was really impressed with all of the thatching details.

Being a  lover of travel I chose the Red Travel Suitcase charm. The red coating is really solid and opaque. It’s definitely note cheap and doesn’t feel like it would chip or scrape off. My favorite part about this charm is the luggage tag. It’s just a small detail but it makes the charm feel a bit more special.

My final charm selection was the Vintage Camera charm since filming and photographing is a major part of my life. Part of the body of the camera is black in the vintage camera style and it has all the various camera buttons shaped out. The best part is that the lens is a small rhinestone adding some sparkle to the bracelet.

Soufeel Charm Bracelets

I asked my mom to bring her charm bracelet with her when I had her over for dinner last weekend so that I could compare the quality. I have to say that the Soufeel charms are just as good in quality. I see no reason to pay more for the Pandora charms when you can get more for the same price from Soufeel. You aren’t loosing any quality with the difference in cost.

Soufeel Charm Bracelets

Soufeel has provided a coupon code for my readers. Use code 5Amanda for 5% off of you order. Additionally they have several deals running right now. When you spend $59, $79 or $99, you will get a pair of free earrings, a free charm or free sterling silver bracelet, relatively. They also offer free shipping worldwide with orders over $50 and 365-day return and exchange guarantee. Most of the products ship from China, but the shipping doesn’t take long at all. I believe mine arrived about a week and a half after I picked everything out.

Let me know if you buy anything from Soufeel. Tag me in your photos on Instagram.

Soufeel Charm Bracelets

Soufeel provided the bracelet and charms for consideration. This is not a sponsored post and I am not affiliated with the company. I’m making no money from the use of the provided coupon code or any links used.

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Life Lately

Life Lately

Hey yall hey! Long time no personal check in! It’s been a crazy busy few months.

It seems like we’ve been doing something different every weekend and I’m not complaining about that. I love keeping busy and doing something different and new all the time. It’s an absolute joy. We also went on vacation with my family to Hershey. We stayed at the Hershey camping resort in a cabin which was a fun and new experience. We’ve always went to Hershey for family vacations but for as long as I can remember we camped in tents. I can’t tell you how nice it was to be in that cabin while it rained over night. As much as I loved staying in a tent nothing beats having a roof over your head and air conditioning in the hot, humid July weather.

My Youtube channel has been growing so much over the past few months. As I type I have nearly 2,300 subscribers, which honestly blows my mind. Just wow. I can’t thank everyone enough for supporting me, my channel, and my aspirations. I’ve been wanting to get into vlogging more and more and the recent growth has really inspired me to work even harder. I’ll be vlogging weekends and weekly vlogs in the upcoming months as much as possible. Obviously, I’m working 40 hours a week to pay the bills and then filming and editing a ton once I get home so not everyday is super interesting. With that said any time something fun happens I will film and share.

I’ve also had the extreme pleasure of working with many fun Etsy shops and companies recently and it’s been such a joy to share amazing products with my viewership. I love having an outlet to share my opinions with so many people and I’m so honored that people actually care.

As far as fitness goes I’ve totally fell off the wagon. I’ve spent so much time working that I’ve made no time for the gym. I need to start intentionally carving out fitness time in my day and just make it happen. I’m still eating far more pizza than any one human probably should but that’s going to be a huge issue to tackle.I’m simply addicted. Aside from pizza I haven’t been eating too poorly and I’m been crazy diligent about drinking tons of water everyday.

Life has been great lately – a lot of hard work but so worth it.