My Vision for Our New Home

When Austin and I moved into together in our apartment we had about a month to get our shit together before moving. It was a lot of running around but we were very fortunate to receive a lot of help, both financially and otherwise, from our families. Our apartment wasn’t my idea of perfect as far decor goes but I was happy with what we were able to throw together. I wanted to enjoy the apartment and feel at home there but I also didn’t want to invest a great deal in to everything when I knew at some point we would be moving everything into a more permanent home.

I’m definitely a believer that every home has its own vibe; its own style that radiates from the space and influences how you furnish the space. The home we’ve bought radiates an earthly, woodland vibe. The home sits back off the main strip on .6 acres of land shaded by dozens of trees and down the road from wooded walking trails. By the time we move in there will only be about a month and half before the temperate drops so I don’t want to work too much on landscaping this year. That’s definitely a project that nature, and my wallet, will need to push to next year. As for the interior, I have plans to create a rustic oasis with touches of metallic accents and plenty of greenery.

I am planning to film quite a few videos following our process of turning the house into our home. I’ll be filming an empty house tour before we move in so you guys can see the bare bones we are working with. The next video will likely show how the living room comes together. I have the living room mostly figured out so it’s just a matter of moving in and buying the furniture. After that I’m not sure what room will be next. It’s going to depend on when I find the right pieces for each room. I’ve been hitting the yard sale circuits hard this summer looking to find the perfect pieces for our home at a discount. I can’t say it’s been super successful but I have found a few cute accent items.

We’ve also been checking out second-hand shops looking for something special no one else will have. There are probably 6 or 7 different second-hand shops in my mom’s neighborhood and we’ve come across many things we liked, but we have nowhere to put anything so at this point we are just crossing our fingers that the pieces we want won’t sell before we can buy them.

For some reason I’ve felt the urge to breath new life into older pieces with our home. While I am by no means opposed to buying things new I want to have items in our home with genuine character. I think the juxtaposition of rustic old wood accents with hints of gold and bright white (like the table above which I love) will do justice to the feel of the home without looking dated.

I know I won’t be able to tackle the entire house at once. The wonderful thing is that I don’t have to. This is our home for however long we want it to be our home. I’m excited to be on this new home owners journey with Austin and I can’t wait to start making new memories in a place that will be all our’s.

Creating A Home – Progress In Our Spare Bedroom

Creating A Home - Progress In Our Spare Bedroom

Hello my loves! We’ve added a few extra touches to the spare bedroom and I wanted to share a few things. We have a bed in the spare bedroom but that wasn’t made and had an Austin laying in it so I didn’t take photos of that. We’ve assembled these awesome teal cube shelves shown above. I love them, but I need to figure out how to get them to sit evenly on the carpet. Right now I’m using them for books and crafting supplies.

Creating A Home - Progress In Our Spare Bedroom

Creating A Home - Progress In Our Spare Bedroom

This is my desk set up as it currently stands. The desk is from Ikea and the chair is from a yardsale. Next to the desk I keep a bag full of bags, a trash bin and my empties bin. I’m trying to find a better way to deal with that stuff but for now this is fine.

Creating A Home - Progress In Our Spare Bedroom

And lastly, here is our lovely rubber tree plant. I really just love it. I think it’s such an adorable little mini-tree. The pot is from Walmart.

Staying Organized With My Erin Condren Life Planner

staying organized

I’ve been watching so many planner videos recently and discovering a whole online community of women who share a love of organization. You could totally say that planning has become my latest obsession. I love all of the adorable Etsy shops selling cute and practical planner stickers. An urge to purchase hoards of washi tape and sticky notes is creeping its way into my mind and I don’t hate it.

I wanted to film this video to share how I’m currently using my Erin Condren Life Planner. I’ve had this planner since July and I absolutely love it! It’s definitely worth the hefty price tag. I know I could be using it more efficiently than I am currently and I want to slowly work towards a more efficient and visually pleasing layout. This video is basically to serve as a reminder of my starting point.

I’d love to do more planner related videos in the future, but I think examining my starting point is good for now. I think I’ll share my weekly spreads on Instagram as mini-updates. Also, I think starting in March I’m going to use different colored pens in the monthly spread to differentiate between blog posts and videos instead of highlighting. The highlighting just looks messy.

That’s all I have for now on the planner front. I would love to know if any of you are planner obsessed. What are your best tips and tricks?


Creating A Home – A Lack of Kitchen Storage

kitchen storage

As far as kitchens go our’s is definitely not the smallest I’ve ever seen but they way it’s laid out does not make very good use of the space. Thus, we have a major lack of storage in our kitchen. As much as I would love to have a beautiful, glamorous kitchen I am not willing to invest the money into making our apartment kitchen pretty. We just need it to be functional and one day when we own a home we can beautify that kitchen.

I don’t have a ton of genius tips to give out but there are a few things we’ve done to make our kitchen a bit more functional.

In the above photo you can see a bunch if stuff I use in my breakfast yogurt – chia seeds, flax seeds, almonds, muesli, etc. These things were taking up so much room in our cabinets and it’s stuff I use nearly everyday so I decided it made more sense for these things to live our on the countertop. We have a section of the counter top that is tucked under the cabinets in the corner of the room that really can’t function as usable prep space so I placed the breakfast stuff in that corner and it’s worked out perfectly there. Keeping everything packaged in the stackable Tupperware keeps it all more organized.

kitchen storage

This is a small cabinet Austin’s mom bought us for Christmas. Nothing fancy but it works and was the perfect size for the space we had. So obviously this was a great addition since it gave up tons of storage space, but it also added counter prep space as well. I was really happy to finally have permanent home for my KitchenAid because it was such a pain keeping it in the cabinet above the stove. KitchenAid mixers are heavy and I’ve almost fell multiple times trying to get this thing down by myself. It also provides space for prepping meals so now we can both be in the kitchen contributing to meal prep. And this also gives us a space for drying dishes on our drying mat.

kitchen storage


This metal stand is something we’ve has since we moved in. My grandmas bought this on clearance, I think from K-mart, and it didn’t fit the space she had in mind for it. When we signed our lease she offered it to us and it’s been very useful. There is an outlet on this wall in the kitchen so it’s a great place to keep appliances that don’t get put away. The microwave and toaster oven fit perfectly on the sturdy wooden shelf. We use the rest of the shelves for storage of random items. It also had hooks for hanging things, but we really only use those for our cutting boards since we don’t have a lot of things that need to be hung.

So, these are of few of the things we’ve done to create a bit more storage in our kitchen. I would love to know if any of you have kitchen storage tips for apartment living. I would greatly appreciate the ideas.

D.I.Y. Bauble Wreath

diy wreath

I made my own wreath for our door this year and I have to say I am so obsessed with how it came out! It was super easy and you can find out how to make your own below.