Checking In With My 2015 Goals

Checking In With My 2015 Goals

I set several goals for myself in the year of 2015. Some have been going great and others haven’t been going at all.

I had two goals in the beauty department: embrace lip liner and continue chipping away at my stash. I was doing great with lip liner at the beginning og the year and then I reorganized my desk and as the saying goes “out of sight, out of mind.” I need to pull them back out and keep them in view so that I remember to use them. My decluttering has been going great. I’ve managed to full cut off my makeup shopping. I’ve only been making repurchases when an item fully runs out so I’ve pretty much only been buying skin care, which honestly is wear the bulk of my money should have went in the past. The better your skin care, the less makeup you need. That’s just a fact.

I had one very simple hair goal – take better care of it. And to my own personal astonishment I went and chopped it all off to start anew with fresh healthy strands. All of the died and damaged hair is now officially goal and I’ve been doing my best to treat my curls with love and respect. I’m kicking ass with this goal!

My one fashion goal was to revamp my shoe collection. I haven’t really bought any shoes recently, but I’m quite happy with my sandals and wedges. I like to keep footwear simple in the summer. I have tan and black sandals and wedges and that’s good enough for me. I like to play with shoe style more in fall and winter so I’ll be keeping an eye out for fun new styles and classic staples.

Financially, I’m still struggling a bit with my goal to build my savings. I’ve been investing in building my blog and YouTube channel so not much to put aside at the moment.

My final goal was to get in shape. While I don’t feel I’ve dedicated myself to get the aesthetic results I was looking for I do feel a lot stronger. I can even run a mile, which is astonishing to me because I flat-out hate running. I still have a lot of soul-searching to do to find the strength to really commit. I just haven’t and I need to.

With just over half the year behind us I think I’m doing better than I though I would with working on my goals. My savings and fitness need more dedication but I’m not discouraged. I know I can do anything I put my mind and energy in to so it’s just a matter of actually doing that.

Life Lately

Life Lately

Hey yall hey! Long time no personal check in! It’s been a crazy busy few months.

It seems like we’ve been doing something different every weekend and I’m not complaining about that. I love keeping busy and doing something different and new all the time. It’s an absolute joy. We also went on vacation with my family to Hershey. We stayed at the Hershey camping resort in a cabin which was a fun and new experience. We’ve always went to Hershey for family vacations but for as long as I can remember we camped in tents. I can’t tell you how nice it was to be in that cabin while it rained over night. As much as I loved staying in a tent nothing beats having a roof over your head and air conditioning in the hot, humid July weather.

My Youtube channel has been growing so much over the past few months. As I type I have nearly 2,300 subscribers, which honestly blows my mind. Just wow. I can’t thank everyone enough for supporting me, my channel, and my aspirations. I’ve been wanting to get into vlogging more and more and the recent growth has really inspired me to work even harder. I’ll be vlogging weekends and weekly vlogs in the upcoming months as much as possible. Obviously, I’m working 40 hours a week to pay the bills and then filming and editing a ton once I get home so not everyday is super interesting. With that said any time something fun happens I will film and share.

I’ve also had the extreme pleasure of working with many fun Etsy shops and companies recently and it’s been such a joy to share amazing products with my viewership. I love having an outlet to share my opinions with so many people and I’m so honored that people actually care.

As far as fitness goes I’ve totally fell off the wagon. I’ve spent so much time working that I’ve made no time for the gym. I need to start intentionally carving out fitness time in my day and just make it happen. I’m still eating far more pizza than any one human probably should but that’s going to be a huge issue to tackle.I’m simply addicted. Aside from pizza I haven’t been eating too poorly and I’m been crazy diligent about drinking tons of water everyday.

Life has been great lately – a lot of hard work but so worth it.

Why I Haven’t Been Talking About Makeup


Hey guys! I hope everyone is doing well. I haven’t sat down and wrote out a full blog post in quite some time since I’ve been putting out so much content on YouTube so this post is long overdue. I have to say I really miss typing out all of my thoughts to share with you guys. I’m going to make a real effort to begin re-incorporating more actual written blog content so that my blog isn’t just a catalog of videos.

Today I really wanted to talk to yall about why I haven’t been filming or writing about makeup much at all recently. If you keep up with the blog I’m sure you’ve read my recent post about moving towards cruelty free beauty and you’ve noticed I haven’t hauled any beauty products in forever. I’ve made several attempts at “makeup no buys” before but I’ve always failed. This time around my approach was to not restrict myself to a strict “no buy” but rather if I think I want to buy something I give it a few days to think about if I really want it or not. More often than not I realize I already have a similar product and don’t buy whatever it is I thought I wanted. Additionally I’ve been making an effort to use up everything I own before purchasing something similar. Thus I’ve had no need to buy anything. I don’t even need to really try anymore, I simply don’t think about makeup 24/7 any longer, which is great. It’s really curbed my expensive shopping habit, but it’s made me less excited to talk about makeup as well.

When you don’t have the newest, latest, greatest thing that everyone else is talking about you do feel left out at first. I felt like no one would be interested in anything I had to say since I couldn’t share what was current in the makeup world. More recently I’m coming to find that it’s ok to not own every lipstick under the sun. It doesn’t make what I have to say any less interesting or relevant. I’ve missed sharing my thoughts on makeup so I’m going to try to think outside of the box for posts that can still be interesting without buying new products every week. YouTube has a habit of really influencing people to buy everything under the sun and I certainly fell victim to the consumerism. That being said I don’t want to be wasteful so my focus with makeup is to stop spending and start appreciating what I have.

So what can you expect to see from me in the future? I will be the first to admit I get very obsessed with things, planner videos being my most recent love. My blog has been taken over by planning content and I’m not going to apologize for that because I’ve thoroughly enjoyed making planner videos. I’ve decided to each back into makeup content in conjunction with easing back into writing blog posts. Once I feel like I’m brainstorming solid, interesting makeup video ideas I’ll start filming a bit more as well.

Moving Towards Cruelty Free Beauty

Hey yall hey!

So I’ve been thinking about moving towards purchasing only cruelty free beauty and skin care products ever since I saw this video here. With all of the technology we have available to us these days I don’t see any reason why a company would need to test a product on an animal. I guess it’s not something I’ve really thought about before but after watching that video I did a quick online search for a list of companies that test on animals (here is a great one I found). I was honestly blown away by how many major companies test on animals. So many of the products I own come from companies that think it’s ok to put these chemicals on sweet little critters. That just floored me.

If you took a few minutes and watched the video I linked above then you know how incredibly strong Christine is, removing all of the animal tested products from her collection. I don’t quite have that level of strength, at least not at this moment in time. I want to move towards have a cruelty free beauty routine, but I can’t bring myself to give away everything I already own. The solution I’ve come to is to continue to use and slowly finish up everything I already own. I’ve already given my money to those companies and it’s not like they are going to give it back to me so I might as well use what I’ve purchased. Additionally I don’t have the financial means to replace all of the products from animal testing companies all at once. Since I am already working on using up a lot of my makeup I figured now is an awesome time to give that goal even more focus and work on using up all of the products that aren’t cruelty free.

I haven’t been making many beauty purchases recently, but as certain products need replenishing I will only be buying from cruelty free companies. There are plenty of awesome, reputable companies that don’t test on animals so I’m sure I won’t have any trouble finding suitable replacements for most things I already own. The only item that makes me nervous is concealer. My Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer is only product I own that I would give “holy grail” status to, but I’m sure there must be a great replacement out there somewhere. This gives me an excuse to get lots of samples at Sephora!

I’m definitely not aiming for living a completely cruelty free life. I have a few leather items and some poultry and fish. Perfection is not my goal, but I don’t see any reason for vanity, luxury items like makeup to be tested on animals. There’s a huge back log of data and research on many products we use today. I just can’t wrap my head around why companies are still doing this.

So, going forward there are a few things you can expect to see from me. First of all, you won’t be seeing much beauty hauling since I am trying to use up a lot of my stash. Secondly, when there is hauling of beauty items those items will be cruelty free. And thirdly, you’ll hopefully be seeing plenty of those items from animal-testing companies in my future empties videos.

I’m excited to get started on this journey, but I am a bit intimidated by the sheer amount of makeup I’ve accumulated. Even before deciding to move towards cruelty free products I had stopped buying makeup for a few months now. I just couldn’t keep spending my money on makeup when I have so much. My biggest offence for sure was lipstick. I honestly don’t even want to count how many lipsticks I have because I know the number will be embarrassing. I’m not giving up though.

How do yall feel about companies testing on animals?